Mob Haiku: Book It!

Mobster e-books here!

Fresh off the truck! Just for youse!

99 cents now!

Followers, the Mob appreciates your support and interest!  They held up a boatload of kindle e-books – Pasta La Vista, Baby: Mob Haiku to Die For – as well as the Mob scribe’s other titles – just  99 cents, a steal!   Sssshh.  Don’t tell.  Be at the warehouse tonight. Or, follow the link:        Remember: like all good things, this will come to an end (when the Feds show up). Don’t miss out!

(For  those who take advantage of this Offer You Can’t Refuse:  the Guys would appreciate a review if you enjoy the read (if you don’t – well – don’t let them find out. Really.  Just say you liked it ;). 

all books


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