Ghosts: Fifteen True Ghost Encounters! And, “There’s More!” Book Sale!

A wonderfully frightening collection of first-hand ghost encounters, a repost, curated by Christopher Shultz on  Dig in – but prepare to shiver!

Good news!  The Spirit World has granted a Dispensation! My kindle e-book titles have all been specially priced for now, only 99 cents!  Get yours before (like a ghost), this promotion vanishes:

all books

If you enjoy the read, the ghosts would appreciate happy reviews!  If not… well ….you don’t want them to come over, do you?  (Oh. You do?  Never mind :).



6 thoughts on “Ghosts: Fifteen True Ghost Encounters! And, “There’s More!” Book Sale!

    • Thank you so much! 🙂 I don’t think I have covered Cape May ghosts, will have to look some up to repost! Sounds great! My favourite writer of contemporary ghostly fiction is F. G. Cottam. I wrote an essay reviewing some of his work in my blog. He’s written several excellent books. Dark Echo and House of Lost Souls, The Waiting Room and many more – these are good to start with. If you like classic ghost stories, you can’t go wrong with M R James, whose stories can be read free online or downloaded. Susan Hill (another contemporary author) has written many chilling books, too – The Woman in Black was made into a movie and is scary in print or on film. I must also since it’s my blog recommend my own stories. They’re in the books at the bottom of each post – and several stories can be read here on the blog: Youth Dew, Zeroes Over Kansas, The Lawn Jockey, Death Be Not Loud, Size Two. Enjoy!

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