Mob Haiku: Suspicious Minds (Happy Halloween!)

“Trick or treat!” said Sam

in Elvis garb.  Joe shot first,

then was All Shook Up.

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Ghosts: The Ghost on Lincoln Avenue — Tales of a Family

Readers, here’s a first-hand account of experiences living in a haunted house in the Bay Area, from Ann Marie Bryant’s excellent blog, Tales Of A Family!  Don’t miss this one – it’s the real deal!

Laughter behind closed doors sent shivers, and when explored, opened doors would not always close, no matter how hard we pushed on them. While living on the small island nestled in the San Francisco Bay, I often overheard bizarre tales of supernatural events that took place in some of the Victorian homes around Alameda. As […]

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Mob Haiku: Tricky Dick

Joe wore a Nixon

mask to grab the bank’s other

long dead presidents.

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Ghosts: Another Accursed Object!

A scary, true story – this time it’s a haunted table.  We keep reading about these objects with strange side effects – here’s one that gave even me the creeps!  Reposted from  G. Michael Vasey on My Haunted Life Too.

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Good, Evil & Supernatural Horror: Does What You Believe Color Your Fiction? From Zombie Salmon (the Horror Continues)

A long but thought-provoking, well-written and educational essay – worth a read for those interested!

Michael D. Turashoff

I once read an essay (now long lost) that suggested Catholic Horror writers wrote better Horror… I don’t remember the argument or the examples, but the question has stayed with me well past my own conversion to Catholicism. I deny, of course, that I converted for the Horror. But it is fun to say. And […]

via Good, Evil & Supernatural Horror: Does What You Believe Color Your Fiction? — Zombie Salmon (the Horror Continues)

A fantastic description of the modern horror story and its background.

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Mob Haiku: Heaven Sent?

Pinstriped suits float off

a truck:  they reappear on

Carmine and Dino.

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Ghosts: The Many Ghosts of Cape May, NJ

Readers, one of our followers, anoldsoul22, asked about ghosts in Cape May – a great suggestion, it is apparently really, really haunted!  Who knew?  We aim to please, so here are a few tales to shiver your timbers! From Best of NJ, by Dan Bernstein:

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Mob Haiku: Pop Quiz

Gino, the boss showed                                                                                                                          up. Rocco said “Relax. Just                                                                                                            look’a  busy.”

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Ghosts: Saying Cheese: Creepy Ghost Photos!

Readers, check out this article full of ghost photos!  A fun reblog from The Paranormal Chronicles – Say cheese and enjoy!

Ghosts Galore! Halloween NEW Ghost picture special!!! Welcome to The paranormal Chronicles news report. We scour the news from trusted news sites to bring you the best in metaphysics & paranormal reporting. If you have a news item or article you wish to share then please email us at and please feel free to leave a […]

via Ghosts Galore! Halloween NEW Ghost picture special!! — The paranormal

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Mob Haiku: Greens & Groans, Two Helpings!

Arty choked.  Lettuce

split the take.   So, howya bean?

Peas, don’t shoot.


Beet ya! Joe’s fuse is

short: don’t cress him. Kale: like bail?

Quinoa?  Wtf?

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