Ghosts: Haunted Locales

Did you know that a place itself (without a house or other building) can be haunted?

Many years ago, my spouse and I bought a wooded acre in Maine, and built a house there.  There was a bit of the property that always felt creepy to us and to others who visited.  No reason for it: it was near the road, not isolated, and the area was quite scenic.  Yet I (and others) would walk around that  part of the property rather than be there and get the feeling of being observed by something unfriendly.  This bit of the yard abutted one room of the house – and that room was never a comfortable place.  I can’t explain any of this except assure you that I and others experienced the same weird feeling there.

Here is another example, from my book, About Ghosts:  A Useful Handbook:

The following is a series of odd events that happened to a friend and I one night, back in our college days.  It may fall into the category of haunted places. We were driving around an area in the north section of the city, which had been laid out for a housing development that was never completed. There were sidewalks, curbs, street lights and power poles, but no buildings.

My friend said that the location had an odd reputation in local urban lore.  People who went there at night would be fine at first, then they’d begin to feel edgy.  The place would become progressively more frightening (without anything actually happening) and then, when people tried to leave, there would be difficulty.

We laughed but indeed, shortly we began to feel nervous. We decided not to press it and turned around. The car battery, which had been trouble-free, began to sputter.  We were barely able to restart the vehicle and when we did, we left posthaste. There is no accounting for the increasingly icy, scary feeling of that locale.

The place to this day, decades later, remains undeveloped, and this in a city which has experienced massive growth.  No other bare land in the vicinity remains.

Have you ever been to or heard about a haunted outdoor place?

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13 thoughts on “Ghosts: Haunted Locales

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  2. Just the tenants 😉
    The last place I felt surrounded by the not so friendly beings was… the self sufficient village in Ireland.
    We can say the organic Spirits ;dd

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