Ghosts: Poltergeists in the House

Poltergeists present in many ways: knocking sounds, levitating and flying objects, doors opening and closing, or footsteps.  Sometimes they appear to attack individuals, slapping them or leaving bite marks.

Poltergeists have been often associated with the presence of children and adolescents, whose energy it is said can feed into them.  In some cases, the young people themselves were caught out as the culprits, having fooled everyone!

Poltergeist phenomena can be a lead-in to something more serious:  a prolonged haunting, or a case of daemonic possession.  Things may begin with scattered events which become more active and frequent.  Poltergeists frequently haunt a person rather than a place.

Often, when a poltergeist is at work, the temperature in the room/place drops.   Some paranormal researchers say this is because poltergeists use thermal energy in order to manifest.

Several cases have been ascribed to people playing pranks, psychological issues, and the like.  Poltergeists may occur as the result of someone’s telekinetic abilities – but the individual may not be conscious of causing the events. Experts attribute these kinds of events to trauma or stress.   Other cases remain unexplained after various natural causes have been ruled out.

If you google The Fox Sisters, it’s a good historic example which was the sisters admitted later in life was a hoax (people continued to believe, regardless).  The Bell Witch is an enduring Southern historic legend which is a good illustration of active poltergeist behavior – although its veracity is debated.

What do you think about poltergeists?  Have you ever experienced one?

Photo: By Robert Wallace [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

**Coming to you from northern Florida…possible hurricane-related (not poltergeists) (I hope!) interruptions may occur in the next few days.  Thanks for your patience and for reading!



12 thoughts on “Ghosts: Poltergeists in the House

  1. ”Poltergeist” it’s always a group of spirits. And nothing about demonic possession /is it an echo of the Warrens?/.
    Usually pushed from another place by the verdant ‘exorcists’ or /and/ furious after interventions of Ghost-Hunters groups.
    Unfortunately for human kind this group of spirits is fast learning. The war is always about place /house, apartment/.

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  2. I do feel that temperatures can change in a room if a spirit enters a room or passes by a person. I have had friends who could feel or sense things, my grandmother could tell from afar what was happening! She once had my grandpa call my Dad to tell him not to spank my brother! I call this ESP.

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