Ghosts: Small But True Accounts

(Excerpts from About Ghosts:  A Useful Handbook©  by Jan Olandese)

about ghosts

I know of an old home in an American Midwest city that was quite haunted when I visited.  I had heard nothing of its reputation, but when I went up the stairs, I felt a strong push at the top, and nearly fell backwards.  The creepy feeling left me when I got away from the stairs, but I was always very careful after that.  Later, I asked others if they’d noticed anything there.  A reliable source who had spent a great deal of time at the house said that there had been sounds of activity and people downstairs at night, when no one else was present.  And that water faucets would turn on by themselves.  Many others said they felt something strange at the house.


I attended theological college in England.  The parish church across the lane from my house there was definitely haunted.

Nothing ever happened when I was there with others.  But I had to go alone very early one day.  It was still quite dark out. I was sacristan, and it was my job to prepare for the morning service.

While I was laying things out, I heard heavy footsteps.  They were not echoes of my own as I was wearing rubber-soled shoes which made no noise.  The church was a typical English Norman church, built in the early 1200’s.  It was all open inside, so you could see the whole place.  So, there were footsteps, but no one to go with them.

I finished my tasks and left as swiftly as possible.  I never had another negative experience there; but I was never there alone after that.



11 thoughts on “Ghosts: Small But True Accounts

  1. I used to do night shift in a rest home – there were two buildings, one very modern, the other attached and very old. I was sitting in the office in the old part one night writing up some notes when I heard footsteps coming along the corridor. I looked up as they passed the office door but there was no-one there. No-one in the corridor either. I was totally ‘spooked’ and rang through to the office in the new part of the complex to see if someone would come over…

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