Ghosts: What Do You See?

What do you see when you encounter a ghost?  They’ve been described many ways.

  1. Like a filmstrip, a shadowy figure walking through a wall as if it wasn’t there.  A slice of the past.
  2. A series of lights, moving in the dark, which come together to form a figure.
  3. It looks just like a regular person.
  4. Invisible, but makes its presence known by sitting on and indenting the sofa or the bed, or leaving footprints.
  5. You don’t see, but sense them –  you feel the presence in a vivid way. You may hear or smell it, or you may get a physical feeling like a chill down your spine.  But you know something’s there.
  6. Translucent, white, you can see through it to the wall behind.
  7. It calls your name or makes noises.
  8. Poltergeist phenomena:  doors slamming, lights going on and off, things thrown through the air, etc.

These are just a few examples. Have you ever run into a ghost?  If so, what did you see? How did you experience it?  Love to hear from you  – feel free to comment below!



15 thoughts on “Ghosts: What Do You See?

  1. Claire and Rudy arrived with a game-table and chairs I bought from an antique trader years ago. Both my husband and I experienced them independently. Once we realized that both of us had similar sensations we gave them names.
    My sense at first was of light and dark shimmering — always at night when I was in the room. Later it became more a sense of presence, like they were sitting at the table playing cards, drinking smoking and carrying on paying no heed to we mortals! After a year or so they were gone and have not returned.

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    • Lindy, thanks for sharing this excellent story – many people experience odd stuff around antiques or used stuff. Love your tale! I wrote an earlier post about “things possessed” which mentions a very old scarab I had that was peculiar. I ended up exaggerating the effect for a horror story 🙂


  2. I made fun of people who believed in ghosts until I bought my farm. It was built right after the Civil War and the man who built it still lives there. When I realized there was something odd about the place I asked the previous owners if there was anything strange about the house. Their response? “We didn’t think we had to disclose it’s haunted.” lol

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  3. Once while I was sound asleep, my father came to visit me in a dream. It was so real that I awoke and called the Veterans Hospital where he was staying– 1000 miles away where other relatives of mine lived. When I asked the nurse to speak to my Dad, she apologized… and told me that my father had passed away just a few minutes ago. Perhaps this isn’t a “ghostly” thing– but I believe there is something to the existence of supernatural events– this being one of a few that I experienced. Have a wonderful day, janowrite!

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  4. #5 has happened to me with my mother since she died several years ago. Then, after my father died this past January, I felt both of them very strongly as I walked along a wooded path at a church retreat. They just wanted to say hello and that they were glad I was where I was. No chills or noises, just a strong, comforting presence that was unmistakable. I’m finding this topic more intriguing lately. 🙂 Thanks for the follow!

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  5. I woke up from a nap when I was five and saw a dark mass figure of a woman at the foot of the bed. My mother also saw her, too. I didn’t know it then, but our place was haunted. My parents were the ones who had nightly encounters with her. My father even communicated with her in his dream. She told him about her gold necklace behind the fridge. Next day, he went to the spot and found the necklace.

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