Ghosts:  Haunted Houses as Mirrors of Dysfunction    Part III Healing from the Haunted Places

Healing from Haunted Places     (Exerpted from © About Ghosts:  A Useful Handbook by Jan Olandese)

about ghosts

To heal, become integrated and whole, and to exorcise the haunt or the dysfunctions it symbolizes, one must first acknowledge it/the dysfunctions exist, and then be rid of it by whatever means are at hand.

When we read of daemonic possession, we have the impression if some unholy power has taken over an individual.  An exorcist is eventually called in when all else fails.  Think of possession or hauntedness as a level of sickness, of disintegration, of lack of health (remember, the words health, oneness or integration come from the same Latin root word).

One who is struggling with anger, compulsions, obsessions,  addictions, or other unhealthy behavior is, in a way, possessed.  The equivalent of an exorcist might be a medical, psychological or spiritual specialist:  a doctor, a counselor or psychologist, or clergy.  And still, sometimes an exorcist or other spiritual worker may indeed be called for. There are situations in which exorcism has been effective when nothing else worked, and when other causes of malady have been ruled out.  It is important to seek help – preferably before things spiral out of control.

Folklore, myth and story offer us stories and symbols which are more than frightening-good entertainment. They are that: but they are also meaningful in terms of describing the daemons and ghosts which inhabit our beings from time to time, with which we struggle.  And they may give us clues as to how to rid ourselves of these shadows.

3 thoughts on “Ghosts:  Haunted Houses as Mirrors of Dysfunction    Part III Healing from the Haunted Places

  1. The problem of haunting, I think is in mind. So psychiatrist may be able to help. Exorcist may be a form of psychiatrist, unlicensed, but able to connect in some way.

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