Ghosts As Visions: A Strange, True Account

This is a true story.  The subject, whom we’ll call A., has no idea what it meant, but it was a strange and vivid experience which remained with her many years later.

  1. A. was awakened around one a.m. by fairly voluble music.  She saw light coming from under the door between her room and that of her roommate. The roommate had a record player and apparently was playing classical music.  It sounded like Beethoven but the subject, who was classically versed, didn’t recognize the piece.  A. thought it odd, as usually the roommate played only pop music.
  2.  A. was about to get up to ask that the volume be turned down when, looking up, she saw a figure at the foot of her bed. It was life size, translucent and white in color:  and she could see her closet door through it.  It appeared to be a young woman.  The eyes, apart from the rest, appeared an intense blue.  The figure was wearing a kind of Grecian gown, and holding a book to her chest.  A. wondered what the book was, and then the figure began to move towards her.

Although the figure didn’t seem malevolent, A. became suddenly quite fearful.  The figure moved nearer until it was floating on top of the subject.  A. now felt terror: she felt the being was about to merge with her, and that she would then lose herself.  After that, all went dark.

When A. opened her eyes later, it was dawn.  She looked up and saw a vision of very brightly colored, small birds (the size of finches but brilliantly hued) circling around her ceiling.  Then, one by one, the birds silently flew, one by one,  out the window. However, it was not open.

In the morning, the roommate asked A. about the music:  the roommate too had been awakened, but she thought A. was the one playing the concerto.

This case is interesting because it’s corroborated: both people heard the music, which neither was playing.  The vision itself was experienced only by A.

Any thoughts?


6 thoughts on “Ghosts As Visions: A Strange, True Account

  1. Oh my goodness this is scary! I’m wondering if A was having an out of body experience and the spirit was actually her own. Can’t explain the rest but it is fascinating.
    I once had a strange experience in an old building which was being used for a youth club. I had the key to the locked building ready to open up with the local policeman, but We saw lights inside and could hear music playing and people talking. We were surprised that the hall was being used as it should have been empty. I tried my key but the door wouldn’t open. Then suddenly the lights went out and the music and chatter stopped. The door opened and the whole building was empty!!
    We never did explain that but I saw a ghostly figure in there on another occasion. He just walked right through a door into a locked room and disappeared!

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    • Thank you for reading…I don’t know. I don’t think so. What I did sense was that the birds were ethereally beautiful, the colours were jewel-like and very deep. They were completely silent. What was interesting was that my roommate heard the music and saw light, too. Do you have any ideas what the figure could have been – your thoughts would be welcome, I’ve never figured it out.

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      • I’m not sure exactly… my experience is limited as yet, but it seems that there’s definitely some kind of purpose for these ghosts appearing. Maybe yours just wants to play games with people, judging by the ghost’s short and mysterious visit. Or maybe it was the anniversary of something significant for the ghost. In the case of my poor Indian woman (, she came complete with a back story and everything. I’ve written fictional stories before and I know it takes time to make up details… but in her case I just instantly knew her story. I don’t know if you’re into astrology at all, but maybe she was a Leo. Leo’s love attention!

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      • I used to do charts all the time! She sounds like a Leo. If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say what I saw was not a human spirit but something else. An angel, a – I don’t know. It was not evil although I felt fear/awe at one point. Thanks for your thoughts, appreciated!

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