Haiku: Gravy Train

The gravy train just

left the station, full

of riders on the

way to


Paradise (a street

in Vegas).  You need

your ticket punched to step

on board.


It’s a lift to the

Other Side: a bit

rough, careening off

the tracks


like a broken ride

at a carnival.

Only the stubborn



intact.  The train’s a

test for souls inside:

shaking them upside

down.  Those


sins in back pockets

fly out, rolling madly

to escape divine



This chariot has

finally arrived

at the hippodrome.

Step down.


Come  this way, through the

dark tunnel, into

light, noise.  Where are we?

Hot dogs,


hungry crowds await.

Famished lions pace

the arena:  mouths



j.o. 7/9/17


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