Haiku: What’s Up?

I died and went a-

floatin.’  Way beyond

the clouds, out in space.



Gates dept.:  I

Saw a  white picket

fence running across

the stars,


from one end of the

cosmos to the other.

A sign: Times New

Roman font,


said, in black ink on

ivory: “Heaven. Use

Trade Entrance, On

The Left.”


j.o.  7/9/17


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20 thoughts on “Haiku: What’s Up?

  1. Your writing in haiku fascinates! I taught my students that form in our German classes. If you enjoy ghost stories, there are many haunted towns in the Colorado mountains and in a town my daughter and I traveled to last month: Jerome, AZ. It was a big copper mining town back in the day. Located one mile high, there are fantastic views to be had and stories to be told. Thanks for your visit and I hope you come back again. ^__^

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