The Menace of Things Possessed

What do you think about the idea of energy attaching itself to objects?  I have written stories along these lines, and there was a wonderful television series called Friday the 13,th which was about a shop called Curious Goods.  This establishment contained, in the back, a repository for “accursed objects.”  The plot consisted of the characters locating, obtaining, and securing these items, preventing them from being out in the world, causing harm.  Like much fiction, the concept comes to us by way of folklore and urban legend.

Many people will not purchase antiques, or used clothing.  They believe that negative energy can attach to things like old jewelry, and that it’s best to pass on it.

I myself owned a scarab which behaved strangely.  It had been purchased by my grandparents in Egypt in the 1930’s.  Although it was secured to a signet ring, it often got lost, somehow breaking its fastening repeatedly.  (There was no apparent way this could happen: it wasn’t removable. Yet happen it did).  One day it was lost on a front lawn (it was small and green).  No one could find it. Yet months later, my grandparents received a letter from the people in Egypt from whom they’d purchased the scarab. On that day, the scarab reappeared, out of nowhere.  There is a legend about scarabs, that they always try to return to the tomb from which they were unearthed.  Who knows?  As good an explanation as any.

Many individuals practice the art of psychometry.   They are said to have the ability to discover information about individuals by holding their belongings.  They say they are reading the energy of the item and possibly imprints left by the one who owned it.

I’ve written a story about a particularly nasty scarab, another about an evil, possessed photograph.   There are endless tales about haunted houses, haunted objects, haunted cars, haunted jewelry, haunted art, etc.  It’s an intriguing topic, and offers fertile ground for the storyteller’s imagination.


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4 thoughts on “The Menace of Things Possessed

  1. I often buy clothes and objects at the thrift store and they are usually “clear,” but two times I bought boots and had some strange feelings. I stopped wearing the first pair and then a year later bought another lightly-used pair and, well, don’t really want to go into what happened but threw them out along with the previous pair. Never walk in someone else’s shoes…

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  2. A few years ago, various stowed goods disappeared from my storage facility in what was later revealed as a ‘storage scam’. Among the stored goods that were stolen were quite a few family heirloom furnishings.

    Within a few days of learning about the clear-out, I was looking through my sister’s library for a novel we’d talked about, and a slender book fell from another shelf. Its title? Possessed Possessions – a collection of stories like the ones you shared in your post.

    My sister swears to this day that it wasn’t her book and she had no idea how it came to be in her shelves. The incident made me laugh, honestly, and left me feeling lighter about the ‘possessed possessions’ that had disappeared from my storage space!


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